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Hocus Pocus: Roger's Gardens® Halloween 2018

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Last year, Roger's Gardens took you on a journey through the ultimate market of wizardry, this year they're taking you to exceptional courses on witchcraft...

Roger's Gardens® is like a home away from home for me, as I used to work there. And living in the area, I grew up visiting the now famous nursery and home boutique over the years, in any given season - but I especially loved, and still love visiting, at Halloween and Christmas. The creative team at Roger's perfects these holidays by taking merchandising to a whole new level. Each Halloween season a theme is chosen and executed to rather Disney-level standards (I worked at Disneyland too, so I can attest to that) usually located in the Garden Rooms. Each Christmas, the entire nursery becomes a wonderland of holiday spirit. Although I worked there a few years ago, I still get so much of my inspiration from the work done there, and from the artists behind it all - truly some of the most wonderful and talented people I know. And this year has been no exception - their work is as outstanding as ever.

"Wander the corridors of a most magical school where witches and wizards learn their craft... Each of the many rooms in this castle is filled with enchanted objects and décor to fill your home with the spirit of Halloween."

Last year, Roger's Halloween theme was wizardry - inspired heavily by Harry Potter, of course. The display took you on a journey through a Diagon Alley-like shopping trip - brilliant for a "boo'tique!" This year, Roger's invites you to step inside the castle itself - Hogwarts, essentially - and experience the wonders and magic of being a student witch or wizard.

Here is a gallery of photos I took on my recent visit...

Salem & Binx Picks

My favorite elements of this year's Halloween Boutique:

1. Mandrakes for Days!

These little guys are probably my favorite part of the entire display - simple, but complicated looking. They can be made with cheap baby doll heads/bodies (omit the arms), I'd plop them in a garden pot with some foam, then place masking tape in desired areas. Don't forget to hot-glue leaves, paint, and cover in dirt. Will definitely have to try this myself sometime soon...

2. Basilisk Brought to Life

This giant snake was through the roof - literally! Stringing him up was one thing, but surrounding him with broken pieces of wood made his presence all the more animated.

3. Dementor's Greetings

A tunnel of these spooky fellows made for a wonderfully eerie entryway. Draped in strips of black cloth and cheesecloth, these skeletal structures lurked over guests as they entered. This idea a super doable, and can be done for even less by using strips of black trash bags - don't believe me, ask Martha: Martha Stewart's Witch's Curtain!

Witch's Curtain
Photo: Martha Stewart

You wouldn't expect plastic trash bags to have much of an effect, but honestly, you gotta see the way these strips sway in the wind - it's eerily close to how they do in the Harry Potter film series...

As for the dark skulls, I'll have to keep a look out on where they got soul-sucking faces like these (if YOU know, let ME know!)...

For the full experience, visit Roger's Gardens® any time between now and Halloween (although in my experience, the boo'tique sells out quickly so visit ASAP)! If you aren't in the area, experience the magic through the online gallery at Roger's Gardens® -Halloween Boutique. There you'll view gorgeously photographed galleries of each section of the boutique:

Headmaster's Study

Photo: Roger's Gardens®

Herbology Greenhouse

Photo: Roger's Gardens®

Haunted Bathroom

Photo: Roger's Gardens®

Potions Classroom

Photo: Roger's Gardens®

The Great Hall

Photo: Roger's Gardens®
Happy Haunting! 🍂🎃🍁

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