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How To: Easy Ruff Collar

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Ever needed an Old World look to heighten the atmosphere of your witchy Halloween display? A ruff collar will do the trick! Or say you need a basic version of a ruff collar for a one-time-use Halloween costume - here you'll find a simple tutorial on how to make one.

Ok, so it's not every day you'll be needing a ruff collar whether for decor or costume purposes, but just in case you are, here's an easy way to make one! Now, when it comes to putting it together, it will depend on whether you will be using your ruff collar for a costume or as a decoration due to functionality purposes.

I know this trick has gone a long way for me in past Halloween's...



  • Wired ribbon; preferably less fabric-like, and more stiff. Also try to get the widest available! (If for costume: pick the desired color you want to wear. If for decor: any color will do as you can spray paint it.)

  • Hot glue gun; preferably a small one.

  • Hot glue sticks; be sure they fit your glue gun!

  • Paper clips

  • Spray paint (if for decor)

  • Velcro Clasp (if for a costume)

How to Assemble:

- Turn the ribbon into an "S" squiggle-like shape by bending the wire.

- Attach the wire end to end (where the "S" is most rounded) by using a paper clip.

- Continue this process until you have a long amount of ribbon scrunched up and paper-clipped.

- To secure the paper-clipped ends, remove paper-clips and hot glue in between the rounded ends, one by one - but only one one side of the ribbon (this will be the inner side, which would go around the neck), leave the other side open ended. *Careful not to burn your fingers! This is why smaller glue guns are best, they don't get as hot as larger ones, and they dry faster.

- Continue this process, and round the inner side of the ribbon as you go, until you make the size of a circle you desire.

- See below for remaining instructions depending on what the collar will be used for...

For Costume Ruff Collar:

- Hot glue velcro clasp at the ends.

- Once dry, it's ready to wear!

For Decor Ruff Collar:

- Spray paint desired color; all white, or all black for example.

- Hot glue together, or even paper clip ends if you'd like.

- Hang wherever or place beneath objects; beneath a skull, or behind a deer head on the wall, for example.

I hope this tutorial helps you when if comes to your simplified-ruff-collar needs! I know this trick has gone a long way for me in past Halloween's.

As for the level of difficulty...

I'm ranking this trick at BASIC:

  • Not too many materials

  • Not too expensive

  • Not too time-consuming


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Easily create a ruff collar with this tutorial. For more holiday ideas visit
Salem & Binx: Easy Ruff Collar

Happy Haunting! 🎃
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