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Salem & Binx Present... Episode 4: "Mommie Dearest"

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

For some, Mommie Dearest seems surreal. For others Mommie Dearest seems too real. Join The Neenster and Ashleykins this Mother's Day as they peer into two lenses; one of camp and one of tragedy to discuss the cult classic - the biggest "mother" of them all - on this episode of Salem & Binx Present...

Episode 4: Mommie Dearest

Listen Now:

Show Images: A few stills from the film...

1) Title Still, 2) Joan cleaning, 3) Getting Tina Darling, 4) Mother Nature, 5) Birthday glam, 6) Joan & Gregg, 7) Playacting, 8) The Axe, 9) Chopping that tree down, 10) Awaiting Oscar Results, 11) Queen Goals, 12) Getting Cozy with Uncle Ted, 13) Joan's Shitfaced, 14) Joan Slaps Christina, 15) Joan Steals Christina's Soap Role, 16) Towards the End, 17) The Original VHS Cover & B.O.B., 18) The Newer DVD Cover & B.O.B.*

*Notice how different the original description of the film is from the newer one...

Show Notes:

Buy the DVD from Amazon

Buy the book from Amazon

Mommie Dearest from Wikipedia

What happened to Christopher?! from Its Weird

FLASHBACK: Joan Crawford Takes Daughter's Soap Opera Role (1968): We Love Soaps

Theatrical Trailer:

Joan Lives On Documentary Clip:

The Original Scene from Mildred Pierce (as Rehearsed in Mommie Dearest):

The Rehearsal in Mommie Dearest:

Joan's Appearance in The Secret Storm (Audio Only, Unfortunately) - Part 1:

Joan's Appearance in The Secret Storm (Audio Only, Unfortunately) - Part 2:

Salem & Binx Present... Promotional Memes:

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Mommie Dearest Drinking Game 🍸

Every time Joan serves some face - serve yourself a sip 🍺

Every time Christina back talks - take a sip 🍺

When you first see the wire hanger (and when you see the second one) - take a shot 🥃

Every time you hear "Box Office Poison" - take a shot 🥃

When Joan grabs the axe, drink! Keep drinking until she cuts down the tree! 🍻

Take a shot when you hear "Barbara Please!" 🥃

Any time Joan excessively cleans - take a sip 🍺

When Christina says her last line "Does she?" - finish your drink! 🥂

We hope you enjoyed our episode on Mommie Dearest... 🥩🍸💋

"The most dramatic role of her life... was her life."

Happy Mother's Day! 🤱🏻👩‍👧‍👦🤰🏽
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