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Spooky Town 2018: Michael's® Halloween Village by Lemax® is Back!

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Michael's® private brand of miniature village collectibles has once again enhanced their selection with frightfully festive new items, inspiring Halloween collectors who make it tradition to add to their Lemax® displays each year!

Available at Michael's®

At this point, Michael's® Spooky Town village by Lemax® has become a Halloween staple. Seeing it in stores marks the beginning of the season, and setting it up in your home means Halloween is in full swing.

Much like its competitor, the ever-famous Department 56, Lemax's Spooky Town is festive, scary, and down right fun! But, compared to Department 56, the display is more accessible, slightly more affordable, and is supplied with a much larger variety of items. All the more reason to start collecting - and again, no need to go all out and buy up a storm, these delightful miniatures are fun to collect over the years, making it tradition to keep adding to your existing village. For more information on comparing both brands, I found this article to be helpful: The Silicon Underground.

Here are a few Salem & Binx favorites:

Signature Collection: Witches Tower

Witches Tower is a brought-to-life witch manor filled with cauldrons, black cats, and broomsticks. Complete with flying witches, lit up windows, and awesome sound effects, you'll swear this collectible will cast a spell on you!

Figurines: Twins

Talk about creepy! These eerie twins give the Grady girls from The Shining a run for their money. Mysterious, spooky, and clearly up to something, these boys will definitely add an extra element of spookiness to your village...

Available at Michael's® for ($6.99)

Spooky Buildings: Lighted Hollowgraves Manor

Nothing like a classic haunted house to set the tone of your Spooky Town set up. This classic victorian is complete with jack'o lanterns, black cats, and spooky old-fashioned features to deliver that definitive Halloween feel - why do I feel like I'm selling real estate?

Table Accents: Evil Pumpkin Tree

Now that's a Halloween tree! This simple, spooky, and fun piece will give any Halloween village a classic and spooky bit of flare - makes me want to build a life-size version for my outdoor Halloween display!

Accessories: Spooky Town Loose Maple Leaves

No miniature village is complete without some autumnal flare. These dainty mini leaves will add color, texture, and a seasonal touch that will tie your whole Spooky Town display together.

Keep a look out for these Spooky Town items and more at your local Michaels® to build your own village!

Happy Haunting! 🎃
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