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Sweep It Under The Werewolf...

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

You saw 'em last year, and missed out - fear not, they're coming back...

Last year, I was so impressed with, what I consider to have been, the prop of the year:

Photo: Amazon

The Howling Werewolf Rug

Talk about a conversation piece! This little fellow would be great for any Halloween party, whether howling at children's Halloween bashes, or silently adding a sense of opulence at a grown-up Halloween soiree.


Available at these fine retailers:

Shop Now: $50.00

This arctic looking beast comes complete with red or blue flashing eyes!

Photo: Big Lots

Shop Now: $74.87 + Shipping

Have your very own werewolf rug shipped right to your door!

Photo: Amazon

Shop Now: $79.99

Glowing red eyes, and a fluffy brown coat!

Photo: World Market

Target - But No Longer Available

Really wishing I had bought this charming fellow when I saw him last year - I mean look at that face, what a cutie! 🐺

Happy Howling! 🐺🌙
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