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Vintage Inspired Pumpkins

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Create a uniquely old-school pumpkin complete with simple, easy, and charming features that will get anyone in a festive, nostalgic mood. Here are ten pumpkin carving ideas that will immediately inspire you!

Pumpkin carving may be the number one Halloween tradition in America to date. It seems as the season approaches each year, the very sight of these lit up orange fruits fill our hearts with instant excitement for the holiday. So, why not honor that nostalgia by carving a classic jack o'lantern. Yes, the bar is constantly being raised year after year as every homemaker magazine or domestic guru introduces new hacks, tricks, or elements of flare (pink flowers poking out, hot-glued lace, gold spray paint, etc.) because pumpkins need so much attention, apparently. We forget that we don't always need to go all out...

Sometimes, less is more, and the simpler a carved pumpkin is, the more he may stand out.

1. X Eyes

You can't get more traditional than having X's as eyes on your jack'o lantern. This classic feature has been popular since Halloween traditions fist arrived in America, dating back to its earliest days in the 1800s.

(Source Unknown)

2. Moons and Stars

Adding a wizard-inspired touch, say crescent moons and stars, adds a bit of charm and old school mysticism...

3. Mr. Grumpy

Zigzag away on any smile you want to be, well, not so smiley. This simple design trick will make your pumpkin ooze with darkness in his soul.

4. Jolly Eyes

You can't go wrong with some looking eyes. They'll add some animation and character to any little pumpkin.

5. Triangles and Squares

Don't be afraid of basic shapes, they're easy and they are the *thing* that will make your jack'o lantern look classic!

(Source Unknown)

6. Mis-shapen Marvels

Sometimes the more imperfect your pumpkin is, the more character he has. Stress less about getting everything just right, and take a knife to that pumpkin!

7. Evil Toothy Smiles

Classic zigzag grins create some drama. Go to town on these for an old school wicked jack'o lantern sure to spook the kid in you!

*Salem & Binx Original!

8. Baby Fangs

When your jack'o lantern already has triangular eyes, why not have triangular teeth too? Again, simple shapes are easy to achieve and keep your pumpkin looking iconic.

Better Homes & Gardens

9. Jagged Variety

Don't be afraid to keep those smiles imperfect. Displaying an array of simple, yet jagged faces, complete with a variety of shapes, can make your Halloween haunt pop with nostalgic glory!

10. Unexpected Emotions

Create a mood by making your pumpkins moody! A little unexpected emotion behind his face gives your pumpkin quite a bit of character, however simple. Think scared, scary, playful, or curious...


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Happy Haunting! 🎃
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