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Williams Sonoma® Summer Treats to Savor

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Summer makes us all remember the simple joys of being a kid, like indulging in sugar! Savor the sweetness of summer with these delicious gourmet treats from Salem & Binx favorite Williams Sonoma®...

"It doesn't get better than Williams Sonoma when it comes to seasonal deliciousness!"

Each Halloween, Christmas, and Easter I find myself making stops into Williams Sonoma® to check out their seasonal selection of treats. Festive and seasonal, their candies, sweets, and drink mixes are perfect for gift-giving, entertaining, and of course for treat-yo-self moments!

Salem & Binx Summer Gourmet Candy Faves


  • Williams Sonoma® Berry Candies in Berry Basket: "With their crunchy nonpareil "seeds" and perfectly domed shapes, these candies look just like fresh-picked black and red raspberries. Inside, their gummy centers burst with berry flavor. They arrive cleverly packaged in a real berry basket, wrapped for giving with rustic twine."

  • Williams Sonoma® Sanded Peach Gummies: "Just right for anyone who loves the juicy sweetness of summer fruit, our heart-shaped gummies pair the flavor of ripe peaches with a mouthwatering finish of sparkling sugar. The two-tone treats add vibrant color to candy dishes, gift bags and dessert platters."

  • Williams Sonoma® Cherry Lollipops in Basket: "Ripe cherries are one of summer's signature treats, and we captured their orchard-ripe flavor in our whimsical lollipops. With round pops on green paper "stems," they look like they were just picked from the candy tree. Packed in a berry basket tied with twine, they're perfect for gift-giving or sharing."

  • Ballpark Brittle: "Our buttery golden brittle gets its all-star flavor from a classic ballpark combo of homemade caramel-popcorn clusters and roasted Georgia peanuts. This crunchy, nutty treat is handcrafted for us in small batches by Anette's Chocolates, a family-owned confectionery in Napa Valley. The perfect gift for candy lovers, it's great as a snack on its own – or pair it with an ice-cold beer."

  • Caramel Corn Crunch: "At Napa Valley's Anette's Chocolates, caramel corn is prepared with the same attention to quality and freshness as the company's award-winning brittles and truffles. Master confectioners at this family-owned company blend buttery homemade caramel with freshly popped jumbo popcorn and crisp red-skinned Georgia peanuts, then finish the treat with a sprinkling of kosher salt and fragrant pumpkin pie spices. One bite of this crisp and crunchy, sweet and salty snack, and you'll be hooked. A wonderful gift, it arrives wrapped in a decorative canister, ready for giving or sharing."

  • Williams Sonoma® S'mores: Although often released for Christmas, these delicious, mess-free s'mores have all the summer flavors of your favorite campfire snack! ..."Our sophisticated spin on a childhood favorite gets its nostalgic flavor from the classic trio of crisp graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows and velvety chocolate. Each bite-size piece combines a fresh-baked honey graham cracker with a delicate layer of vanilla marshmallow – enrobed in premium Guittard milk chocolate."

  • Williams Sonoma® Ice Cream Candy Corn: "They look like scoops of soda-shop ice cream, but our miniature cones have the classic texture and creamy bite of candy corn. The collection includes five colors that hint at the flavor inside from classic chocolate, French vanilla and strawberry to mint chip and orange."

  • Williams Sonoma® Lemon Geelée in Basket: "Our Neapolitan lemon gelées are an Italian favorite that celebrate the country's limoni. The treats are crafted using a recipe that calls for flavorful lemon juice and essential oils. The chewy candies are finished with a crunchy layer of sugar, then individually wrapped and packed in a berry basket wrapped with rustic twine."

  • Williams Sonoma® Strawberry Gummies: "Bright and bursting with fresh flavor, our gummy candies taste like they came right from the strawberry patch. Satisfyingly chewy and juicy-sweet, they make a vibrant addition to the candy bowl or a fun gift that arrives wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon."

Ice Cream Anyone?


For another delectable summer treat, grab a cone and scoop away! These ice cream musts capture the flavors of summer; from peachy to s'mores-like...

  • Williams Sonoma® Marshmallow Sauce: The very idea of melting this on chocolate ice cream makes me so excited! Make it s'mores-y by adding crushed up Golden Grahams cereal on top! ..."Our classic dessert sauce is inspired by the light, fluffy marshmallow crème we all loved as kids. Made with premium pure vanilla, it gives everything from ice cream sundaes to cakes and brownies that irresistible marshmallow flavor. To feel like a kid again, enjoy a spoonful right from the jar."

  • Trisha Yearwood's Summer in a Cone Ice Cream Starter: "Her time-saving starter makes it easy to whip up a cool batch of tropical fruit ice cream that's great on its own or as the frosty foundation for an ice cream sundae. For a luscious frozen treat, just mix Trisha's starter with half-and-half, cream and whole milk, then pour into your ice cream maker and freeze."

  • Trisha Yearwood's Peach Ice Cream Starter: "The delectable southern flavor of real peaches stands out when you use this starter to prepare irresistible homemade ice cream... this ice cream appeals to anyone who loves peaches and cream. Simply mix with heavy cream, milk and half-and-half, pour into your ice cream maker and freeze. In about 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy creamy ice cream."

  • Salt & Straw Freckled Mint Chip Ice Cream Starter: Personally, it doesn't get better than mint chip for me, especially when the chocolate is rich and flaky, foled in refreshing miny ice cream goodness... "Founded in Portland, Oregon, by cousins Kim and Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw is a small-batch ice cream company beloved for unbelievably delicious flavors. Experience the legendary ice cream at home with this artisanal starter. Our twist on the Freckled Mint Chip recipe features luscious semisweet chocolate that's specially crafted to create crunchy "freckles," which provide a delicate contrast to velvety ice cream with the refreshing flavor of organic peppermint."

Summer Booze


"Mix up sunny flavors with Trisha Yearwood, award-winning country music superstar, best-selling cookbook author and star of the Food Network series Trisha's Southern Kitchen."

  • Tropical: "Inspired by carefree afternoons spent around the pool with friends, Trisha's own version of the ultimate summer refresher is a breeze to make with her signature cocktail mix – a vibrant combo of tangerine and cherry juices blended with pineapple juice."

  • Peach: "Trisha's version of the ultimate peach cocktail is a breeze to make when you use her signature mixer, which features a sweet puree of ripe, juicy peaches, highlighted by a hint of tangy lemon."

  • Aloha: "Great for parties, picnics and barbecues, Trisha’s tropical cocktail is a breeze to make with her signature mix—a vibrant combo of Hawaiian pineapple, orange and banana. For a refreshing drink, blended or on the rocks, just add spiced rum!"


"For more treats - and all things food - visit Williams Sonoma® today!"

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