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Offering exceptional riding characteristics and advanced ergonomics, the WURTH Z2 is one of the most technologically advanced bicycles on the market today. The Z2 is also equipped with RACEFACE’s renowned Raceguard and Sportguard safety systems and features a sleek and modern-looking design. The WURTH Z2 is also offered with a wide array of exciting RACEFACE accessories to meet the varying needs of the modern commuter. The frame is constructed with a double-butted chromoly frame tubing with internal routing for the head and seat tubes. The frame is designed with an inverted seat tube which incorporates a recessed steering bridge, and a telescoping shock mount. The frame of the WURTH Z2 is made from 18-gauge chromoly steel. The frame also features an added cooling slot along the front of the seat tube, which provides added ventilation and frame protection. The WURTH Z2 offers numerous riding positions for the rider, and allows for a seat to reach height of 42.5 inches. This makes the WURTH Z2 well suited for riders of all sizes. The top tube has been slightly recessed to accommodate a shock’s length, and the bottom bracket has been lowered for an ideal riding position. Rear-A-Seat Built to maintain the WURTH Z2’s upright riding position, the rear-A-Seat feature integrated footrests that allow the rider to sit comfortably in a more upright position. Hybrid Aero Steering Featuring RACEFACE’s revolutionary Hybrid Aero Steering system, the WURTH Z2 offers the most aerodynamic steering performance ever on a road bike, and it also features enhanced comfort with a more direct steering path and comfortable seating position. RACEFACE Steering Damper The RACEFACE steering damper helps the rider to maintain a more upright and stable riding position. The RACEFACE steering damper offers the ultimate in comfort and control. RACEFACE Sportguard RACEFACE Sportguard is a revolutionary cockpit protection system that allows the rider to focus on riding, not on the elements. RACEFACE Force Cradles RACEFACE Force Cradles, which integrate the wiring and cables to the RACEFACE Sportguard’s components, minimize the number of separate parts that need to be assembled, making the installation process easier.



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Dawn Of Man Planetbase Download] [Crack Serial Key

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