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"Gerald Garner has dealt with his fair share of weight-related struggles, none of which compare to the intensity that is the Perkis System - or more specifically its creator: Tony Perkis... Perkisize with "The Neenster" and "Lily Munster" on a this very special Summer-Kick-Off-meets-Fourth-of-July-themed episode of Salem & Binx Present... where they obsess over their childhood favorite Heavyweights..."


Cool Down

"Summer makes us all remember the simple joys of being a kid, like indulging in sugar! Savor the sweetness of summer with these delicious gourmet treats from Salem & Binx favorite Williams Sonoma®..."

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What is SALEM & BINX?
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... to make a movie request! 

Tell us your favorite go-to holiday flicks, and we'll make them the subject of our all-new episodes of Salem & Binx Present... 

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