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Salem & Binx Present... Episode 12: "Groundhog Day"

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

As per Groundhog Day tradition, all of Punxsutawney gathers at Gobbler's Knob to hear the annual weather prediction - whether there will be six more weeks of winter or not - from none other than a groundhog named Phil. This Groundhog Day, there's another weather man named Phil in town - and he's struggling to predict how long winter will be for him. Join "The Neenster" and co-host "Bri Joon" again, and again, and again, on this episode of Salem & Binx Present... as they discuss the one, the only Groundhog Day...

Episode 12: Groundhog Day

Listen Now:

Show Images: A few stills from the film...

1) Title Still, 2) "Rise and shine..." 3) "Don't forget your booties..." 4) Deja Vu, 5) Off to Gobbler's Knob, 6) Ned RYERSON! 7) Prima Donna, 8) Woodchuck, 9) 6 More Weeks of Winter, 10) What blizzard? 11) Gus & Ralph, 12) "I Got You, Babe!" 13) "Put those dishes anywhere..." 14) Doris, 15) Movie Date, 16) Phil and Phil, 17) French Poetry 18) Piano Lessons, 19) Snowman Date, 20) Pizza My Heart, 21) Dinner with Pop, 22) Final Report, 23) Jammin' 24) Baby Miachel Shannon, 25) Dancin' 26) Kissin' 27) Original Poster, 28) VHS Cover & Back of Box

Show Notes:

  • Own it today - from Amazon

  • More Information from IMDB

  • "Bill Murray Super Bowl Commercial?" by Gene Sapakoff from The Post & Courier

  • "8 Life Lessons Groundhog Day Imparts Over & Over Again," by Casey Cipriani from Bustle

  • Oh, also there's a MUSICAL... more info from Wikipedia


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Theatrical Trailer:

The Making of Groundhog Day:

Groundhog Day The Musical Preview by Broadway Box:

I Got You, Babe by Sonny & Cher:

Pair With:


THE "Drink to world peace..." Cocktail: Sweet Vermouth on the Rocks, with a Twist

(Drinking Game below!)

Groundhog Day Cocktail by How to Drink:

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Groundhog Day Drinking Game 🥂
  • Every time the clock strikes 6 - take a sip 🍺

  • Every time you hear "Gobbler's Knob" - take a sip 🍺

  • Every time someone says the word "groundhog" - take a sip 🍺

  • Every time Phil steps in the puddle - take a sip 🍺

  • When Phil kidnaps the groundhog - take a shot 🥃

  • For the duration of Rita slapping Phil - drink! 🍻

  • When Phil wakes up with Rita beside him - finish your drink! 🥂

We hope you enjoyed our episode on Groundhog Day 🥞⏰☃️

"He's having the day of his life... over and over again."

"Happy Groundhog Day!" 🎩📜🐿🌨

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