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2019's Best Valentine's Day Garlands and Where to Get Them

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

After Christmas, it's nice to have a holiday to look forward to - and nice to know we can decorate all over again. Unlike Christmas, Valentine's Day tends to be a bit more relaxed, but it's still fun to deck your space out with hearts galore, no matter how simple or over the top you prefer to go. One simple decorative piece that always goes a long way (no pun intended) is the garland. From floral to boho, these little strings of cheer can lighten up any space. #heartstrings

1. Beaded Heart and Tassel Garland

Leave the wild hot pink and magenta behind with this adorably simplistic, somewhat boho string of hearts from Pier 1.

2. Heart Paper Garland

This colorful garland from Paper Source will add fun and vibrancy to any space, and not to mention the gold fleck accents are a nice addition.

Available at Paper Source ($9.95)

3. Lips Garland

It's endless kisses with this dainty and festive garland. It can be purchased at Meri Meri, a Salem & Binx favorite for all things party and holiday.

4. Red and Gold Hearts Paper Garland

Can't go wrong with some shimmery golden hearts in the mix! This adorable paper garland will add the perfect touch of gold to any space.

5. Pom-Pom Heart Garland

Red hearts, gold hearts, festive pom-poms, oh my!

6. XOXO Valentine's Pennant Garland

Add some vintage charm to your display with this adorably sweet garland designed by Salem & Binx favorite Bethany Lowe!

7. Bunting Wall Garland - White

Festive, but subtle, this white and neutral-colored garland gives your decorative space a handmade, authentic feel. Check your local Target today!

8. Bunting Wall Garland - Pink

Much like its sister above, this garland has a handmade look - with dangling tassels, there's a bit of a playful boho vibe too!

9. Sweetheart Garland

This Bethany Lowe garland is more like a work of art with its intricate detail, vintage charm, and handmade style.

10. Rose and Olive Garland

For a floral touch and natural feel, this girly garland is both fun and feminine, and also at Target!

11. XO Sentiment Garland

Simple and sweet, this Pottery Barn Kids garland is too cute with its hearts and XO banner flags...

12. Red and Ivory Tissue Garland

Sometimes you can't go wrong with simple, dainty pieces like this vintage-style tissue garland by Bethany Lowe. Hang this on a mental, along with other decorative items, and your space will have a nice pop of festive color.

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️
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Last year I decorated my house with these Garlands on our first Valentine's Day after the wedding and my husband loved it. For Valentine's gift shopping I used Valentines Day Coupons.

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