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Handouts from the Heart; Valentine's Day Treats for Gift-Giving

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

What better for your sweetheart than, you guessed it, sweets! These goodies are perfect for wrapping in festive paper bags, boxes, or tins and sharing them with your S.O., crush, or bestie! ❤️

Photo by Half Baked Harvest

As much as I love a good old fashioned box of chocolates, it's fun to mix up the goody-giving every few Valentine's Days - there's just something fun about giving your Valentine something you made yourself...

1. "Donut Forget To Engage in Conversation..." Conversation Heart Donuts by Studio D.I.Y.

The age old conversation hearts have gotten an upgrade! Fall in love with this tutorial from the ever-impressive D.I.Y. Studio...

Photo by Studio D.I.Y.

2. "Heart Tarts"

Mini Cherry Heart Pies by Brit + Co.

Easy and fun to assemble, these pockets of sweetness are perfect for any sweetheart...

Photo by Brit + Co.

3. "Love You Bear-y Much"

Wine Gummy Bears by Kirbie's Cravings

The very thought of making homemade wine-infused gummy bears is already enticing - but to share them is even better!

Photo by Kirbie's Cravings

4. "Gimme Some Sugar"

Easy Chocolate Heart Donuts by Half Baked Harvest

Pair with a good cup of coffee, and with great friends...

Photo by Half Baked Harvest

5. "I Do Eclair"

Chocolate Eclair Hearts by Martha Stewart®

Advance your baking skills, and earn appreciation points, with these delectable, chocolatey eclairs...

Photo by Martha Stewart®

6. "Heart of Gold"

Heart-Shaped Valentine Macarons by Passion for Baking

Another baking challenge - but well worth the effort - your Valentine will love it!

Photo by Passion for Baking

7. "Take a Pizza My Heart"

Mini Heart-Shaped Pizzas by Sarah Hearts

For the loved one who doesn't have a sweet tooth, spoil them with this savory goodness!

Photo by Sarah Hearts

8. "Love Letters"

Handwritten Valentine Cupcakes with Chocolate Glaze by Martha Stewart

Tell 'em you love 'em with these sweet-noted chocolate cupcakes...

Photo by Martha Stewart®

9. "Not-So-Broken Hearts"

Red Velvet Heart Crinkle Cookies by Simplistically Living

Indulge in some ever-classic red velvet with these adorable, simple, and easy-to-make crinkle cookies...

Photo by Simplistically Living

10. "I Love You S'mores Bars"

Heart S'mores Bars by Martha Stewart

These fun s'mores flavored bars will brighten your winter days with thoughts of summer lovin'...

Photo by Martha Stewart®


Enjoy! 🥂🍫💖

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