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How to Decorate for St. Patrick's Day - Tastefully

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Every year it's tacky fake beards, giant green hats, and plastic beer mugs - which is all fun and fine, but every now and then, it's time for some taste...

As excited as I get for St. Patrick's Day to roll around, I am often disappointed in what I see in stores. Don't get me wrong, cheesy shamrock-shaped beads, bright green t-shirts, and tacky hats and glasses may have their place out in the bars on St. Patrick's, but at home, I personally like to dress things up with a touch of sophistication and playfulness.

Here are a few homey touches, some Salem & Binx favorites, I thought I'd share, in case you too are seeking not-so-easy-to-find inspiration...

1. Rock Some Shamrocks ☘️

These three-leaf beauties will add natural greenery and playfulness to any spot where they can get indirect light, inside or out. They're usually available at your local nursery or floral shop - keep out of reach of cats though.

2. Map it Out 📍

A classy minimalistic map can add richness to any space, and what better time of year to find one of Dublin?!

3. Pub Crawl 🥃

Speaking of maps, these etched glasses will have you wanting your whiskey on the rocks - and on the streets of Dublin.

4. Mid-Century Voyage ✈️

Add some playfulness to your space with old school travel art depicting castles and landmarks of the old country.

5. Shamrocks and Shimmer ✨

Whether you bathe with them or place them in a basket for your bathroom to hold their fresh scent, these pretty looking bath bombs are too fun to pass up.

6. Writer's Wit 🖋

Sometimes the best way to honor a holiday dedicated to Irish culture is to indulge in the written works from Irish writers - take it from these guys.

7. Vintage Lit 📚

Antique books are a seasonal decor must for me. While antiquing, keep an eye out for green and gold covers, especially any on such subjects as Irish history or Irish folklore.

8. Sunday Best 🕯

One treasure I brought back with me from Ireland was a candle made by Rowan Beg Design - and I gotta say nothing feels homier than having one of these make your place smell wonderful. I purchased Cozy Winter Fireside, but for St. Patrick's I'd love to try Grandad's Sunday Best...

9. Shades of Green 🛋

Ring in Spring with these charming green pillows, cute for St. Patrick's Day, as well as for the rest of the season.

10. Old Ireland 🖼

Add a taste of Érie to your place by collecting unique hand-drawn illustrations or engravings of Irish villages and castles.


Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘️🍻🌈🎻
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