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The Ultimate Fall Candle Shopping Guide (2019)

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

It's the most wonderful (smelling) time of the year! Fragrances like that of cinnamon, apple, and of course the ever-classic pumpkin spice, fill the air from every shop to every home. Since lighting seasonally fragrant candles has become a traditional way to get into the spirit of autumn, here's the ultimate fall candle shopping guide that will get your 2019 collection started!

Anthropologie® Favorites: SHOP NOW

If autumn arrives and you don't stop into Anthropologie, did autumn even happen?! With gorgeously packaged candles, great for decorating and gift-giving, these select Anthropologie candles will also capture the fine fragrances of fall, bringing coziness and chicness into your home...

  • Pumpkin Clove by Capri Blue: "The scent of creamy, buttery pumpkin with a touch of orange zest is wrapped within a savory vanilla and cinnamon base. (SPICE)" 2 size options!

  • Apple Cider by Capri Blue: "Sparkling berries and grapes mix with harvest apple and cinnamon within a soothing vanilla and Canadian fir base. (SPICE)" 3 size options!

  • Cinnamon Apple Bourbon by Anthropologie : "A cozy combination of cinnamon and apple is rounded out a by a full-bodied aroma of richly aged bourbon. (SPICE)"

  • Tonka & Tobacco Leaf by Anthropologie: "The pleasantly rich, warm vanilla scent of tonka beans melds with the hard spice of tobacco leaves. (SPICE)"

  • Pumpkin & Sweet Vanilla by Anthropologie: "A sweet blend of luscious pumpkin and vanilla, reminiscent of a slice of pumpkin pie a la mode. (GOURMAND)"

  • Ebony Woods & Amber by Anthropologie: "Cozy notes of cedar and amber, reminiscent of a roaring fireplace in a wooden cabin. (WOODSY)"

Antique Candle Co. Favorites: SHOP NOW

For that farmhouse fan, these select autumnal scents from Antique Candle Co. are sure to brighten up your space, as well as make them smell homey, cozy, and yummy! Offering reinvented essentials from Pumpkin Spice to Apple Pickin', A.C.C. makes getting fall's signature fragrances into your home easy!

  • Pumpkin Spice by Antique Candle Co.: (16oz. $28.00) "Pumpkin Spice is a warm fall classic with a blend of sugary spiced pumpkin, highlighted with cozy notes of honey, maple, and vanilla."

  • Apple Pickin' by Antique Candle Co.: (16oz. $28.00) "Apple Pickin' is a bright scent with top notes of crisp, sweet red apples freshly picked from a sunny autumn orchard."

  • Fall Harvest by Antique Candle Co.: (16oz. $28.00) "Fall Harvest is a sweet and cozy autumn blend with fresh apple and orange peel, highlighted with warm notes of spicy cinnamon, clove, and vanilla."

  • Warm Caramel Crumble by Antique Candle Co.: (16oz. $28.00) "Warm Caramel Crumble by Sarah Joy is a sweet aroma of homemade caramel dessert with warm buttery blends, highlighted with cinnamon-spiced maple, rich vanilla, and baked green apples."

  • Momma's Kitchen by Antique Candle Co.: (16oz. $28.00) "Momma’s Kitchen is a warm and cozy blend of green apples, bright peach, and fresh pine, highlighted with a heart of cinnamon and notes of sweet balsamic spice."

  • Fall Harvest Sample Pack by Antique Candle Co. - Includes Autumn Woods: (5-Pack $24.00) "Autumn Woods is a deep, woodsy musk blended with fresh balsam notes and sweet autumn apples, intertwined with hints of earthy fig and eucalyptus leaf."

Madewell® Favorites: SHOP NOW

"For our very first candle collection, we wanted the kind of warm, familiar scents that create instant atmosphere..."

Although these select fragrances are available throughout the year, their woodsy-inspired scents are perfect for adding fall (and even winter) aroma, as well as chic style, to any space...

  • Neroli & Sea Salt: (Pictured $22) Like flower petals floating on an ocean breeze (bergamot, petitgrain, neroli, orange flower, sea salt air, white moss, amber, musk).

  • Mountain Sage: (Pictured $22) Like incense wafting through a birch forest (mountain sage, eucalyptus, palo santo, myrrh resin).

  • Bergamot and Amber: (Pictured $22) Like touring an Italian citrus grove (bergamot, currant, apricot, jasmine, freesia, rose, musk, amber).

  • Forest: (On SALE $14.99) Like a cluster of fir trees on a crisp, dewy morning (fresh lemon, eucalyptus bud, fir needle). *Also great for winter!

  • Après Ski: (On SALE $14.99) Like brewing cinnamon tea in a cozy log cabin (valencia orange, pineapple, spearmint sprigs, cinnamon sticks). *Also great for winter!

Target: ThresholdFavorites: SHOP NOW

Very impressed by the Threshold selection of fall candles at Target this season! Not only are these candles provided in an array of container styles and sizes, but each of these selected fragrances will add a homey, inviting touch to your space...

(Selected favorites shown below in each available container option)

  • Vanilla Pumpkin by Threshold™: (Pictured $13.00) Shown in mercury glass pumpkin jar.

  • Pumpkin Spice by Threshold™: (Pictured $7.99) Shown in ceramic pumpkin jar.

  • Apple Pumpkin Cider by Threshold™: (Pictured $13.00) Shown in mercury glass jar.

  • Falling Leaves by Threshold™: (Pictured $6.99) Shown in ribbed glass jar.

  • Autumn Pine by Threshold™: (Pictured $4.99) Shown in travel tin.

  • Farmstand Cider by Threshold™: (Pictured $9.99) Shown in ceramic mug.

Target: Hearth and Hand with MagnoliaFavorites: SHOP NOW

As if I'm not obsessed with Hearth and Hand with Magnolia enough already, these select candles are all the more reason to fall brand-loyal! Sophisticated fragrances with farmhouse-inspired container options; these candles will make great additions to your space all fall long...

(Selected favorites shown below in each available container option)

  • Cardamom & Vetiver by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia™: (Pictured $7.99) "Nutmeg, Lavender, Bergamot." Shown in glass jar with metal lid.

  • Harvest by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia™: (Pictured $14.99) "Cinnamon, Apple, Pumpkin." Shown in ceramic container.

  • Fireside by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia™: (Pictured $19.99) "Woodsy, Pine, Clove." Shown in galvanized tin container.

  • Frosted Amber by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia™: (Pictured $12.99) Shown in glass jar with wooden lid.

Thymes® Favorites: SHOP NOW

In my days as an employee at Roger's Gardens, I can honestly say I've never seen a product fly off the shelves like that of Thymes' Fraiser Fir (perfect for Christmas time and winter). Thymes' fall-inspired fragranced candles are no exception! These select scents will be just as irresistible, guaranteed!

  • Simmered Cider by Thymes®: (Pictured $50.00) "A simmering blend of freshly-pressed apple mulled with crushed clove and cardamom, with hints of bourbon." Available in a variety of container styles and sizes!

  • Heirlūm Pumpkin by Thymes®: (Pictured $40.00) "A fresh-from-the-oven baked pumpkin treat, with notes of warm vanilla, spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, and a drizzle of creamy caramel." Available in a variety of container styles and sizes!

  • Forest, Cedar by Thymes®: (Pictured $32.00) "Inspired by the spicy-scented resinous wood, comes Cedar, a fragrance worthy of its namesake. An enchanting incense of ground nutmeg, Atlas cedarwood, cinnamon bark, and Siberian fir needles. The dark and smoky aroma with the metallic gold glass that glows beautifully when lit, creates a radiant effect."

  • Forest, Maple by Thymes®: (Pictured $32.00) "Sophisticated natural warmth through decadent notes of star anise and black pepper, with hints of delicate maple sugar and layers of textured woods, Maple transcends autumn’s aromatic bliss. This metallic rose-gold glass combined with sweet and woody fragrance glows beautifully when lit to fill your space with warmth and comfort."

  • Forest, Birch by Thymes®: (Pictured $32.00) "As unique as the thin paper bark that wraps its trunk, Birch captivates with aromatic water greens, warm leather, golden amber and white birch. The fresh, wood fragrance and stunning metallic silver glass that glows beautifully when lit, is delightfully reminiscent of the tree it represents."

Bath & Body Works® Favorites: SHOP NOW

Last, but not least, every fall fan's go-to favorite stop Bath & Body Works also makes the cut! With playful packaging and scents that keep you coming back each year, Bath & Body Works' array of fall fragrances is inviting, exciting, and at this point nostalgic...

(Selected favorites shown below in available container options)

  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin by Bath & Body Works®: (3-Wick $24.50) "Warm Cinnamon, Fresh Ground Clove, Vanilla Cream, Brown Sugar with Essential Oils."

  • Leaves by Bath & Body Works®: (3-Wick $24.50) "Crisp Red Apple, Golden Nectar, Warm Clove Spice with Essential Oils. (SPICE)"

  • Blueberry Maple Pancakes by Bath & Body Works®: (3-Wick $24.50) "Wild Blueberries, Griddle Fresh Pancakes, Warm Maple Syrup with Essential Oils. (SWEET)"

  • Cider Lane by Bath & Body Works®: (3-Wick $24.50) "Warm Caramel, Granny Smith Apple, Dark Brown Sugar, Ground Clove with Essential Oils."

  • Apple Weather by Bath & Body Works®: (3-Wick $24.50) "Fresh Farmstand Apples, Lavender Leaves, Cinnamon Bark with Essential Oils."

  • Harvest Gathering by Bath & Body Works®: (3-Wick $24.50) "Fresh Picked Apple, Autumn Berries, Clove Buds with Essential Oils."

Hope you enjoyed this selection of fall candle musts for the 2019 season! 🍂🕯🍁

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