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Salem & Binx Present... Episode 10: "Planes, Trains & Automobiles"

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

For Neal Page, it's one thing to struggle getting home for Thanksgiving in America's snow country, it's another to be smothered by the help of Del Griffith. But what Neal learns throughout their adventure full of mishaps are a few things about lightening up, thinking of others, and how far the power of kindness can take you. Join "The Neenster" and all-new guest host "Bri Joon" on this Thanksgiving episode of Salem & Binx Present... as they swoon over Planes, Trains & Automobiles, the ultimate Turkey Day favorite!

Episode 10: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Listen Now:

Show Images: A few stills from the film...

1) Title Still, 2) Choices are hard... 3) Neal Page, 4) Baby Kevin Bacon, 5) Del Griffith, 6) Shower Curtain RINGS! 7) The Canadian Mounted, 8) Man from Home Alone - he always flyin'... 9) Ben Stein/DestinationNowhere, 10) Marie, 11) Bears Game, 12) Dylan Baker/Owen, 13) The Duo, 14) Customers, 15) Exhausted, 16) Frustrated, 17) Edie McClurg/My boo! 18) Close Call, 19) Car's on fire - no big, 20) The Radio Works, 21) Oh my gosh... it's Oshkinoggin! 22) Home in years? 23) Home Indeed, 24) Susan Page, Choices are still hard, 25) Original Poster, 26) VHS Cover & Back of Box

Show Notes:

  • Own it today - from Amazon

  • More Information from IMDB

  • "Why Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is the Ultimate Thanksgiving Movie" by Rolling Stone

  • Oh my gosh... It's Oshkinoggin! T-Shirt from RedBubble

  • Also, give me this auto sun shade from Merchansite

Theatrical Trailer:

Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes) - Instrumental by Book of Love:

Power to Believe by The Dream Academy:

Every Time You Go Away by Paul Young:

Family Guy Parody of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Motel Scene:

Salem & Binx Present... Promotional Images:

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles Drinking Game 🥂
  • Every time you hear "shower curtain rings" - take a sip 🍺

  • Any time you see Del’s trunk - take a sip 🍺

  • Any time you Neal & Del find themselves in a new vehicle - take a sip 🍺

  • When Neal dries his face with Del's underwear - take a shot 🥃

  • For the duration of Neil cursing at the Marathon lady - drink! 🍻

  • When Neal takes Del home for Thanksgiving - finish your drink! 🥂

We hope you enjoyed our episode on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles ✈️🚂🚗

"What he really wanted was to spend Thanksgiving with his family. What he got was three days with the turkey."

"Happy Thanksgiving!" 🦃🍁🥧

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