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Valentine's Day 2019 Merch' Musts

Whether you're treating your loved ones - or treating yourself - Salem & Binx has a few recommendations, as always, when it comes to current festive goods on the market!

1. Loving Love Letter 💌

This chicly packaged eau de parfum features notes of charcoal rose, vetiver, and patchouli, sure to capture the attention of your crush...

2. Prosecco Party!🥂

These precious proseco-shaped mini lights are perfect for kicking off a Galentine's party!

3. Ultimate Connection 📻

Couples who listen to music and podcasts together, stay together! Am I right?

4. Valentine and Candle All-in-One 🕯

Perfect for your bestie, these wonderfully scented candles already come with a valentine greeting on the lid including: "Be Mine," "XoXo," "For Keeps," and "Wink, Wink."

5. In Love Bandana🧣

Remember the days when you'd toss your handkerchief to the one you love? Still an option - though I'd selfishly keep this either in my hair, around my neck, or tied on my purse because it's just too cute!

6. Cupid's Cookie Cutters 🍪

Bake a little with these fun and festive Valentine's shapes...

7. Love Elbows ❤️

Looking for something to wear this Valentine's? Try this adorable, and cozy-looking sweater with hearts for elbow patches.

8. The Waffle to My Heart 🍴

Perfect for throwing a Galentine's brunch or for prepping breakfast-in-bed for your love!

9. I Wear My Heart on My Wallet 👜

Just too cute to pass up, this coin pouch from Madewell is perf!

10. Pinned! 📍

For those who want to "pin" their guy or gal, Bye-Bye Birdie style...

11. A Mug for the One You Love ☕️

So happy to see this festive, hand-thrown heart mug back again this year at Magnolia...

12. Talk About A Bath 🛁

These conversation heart bath bombs are perfect for romantic bath time - or even just to remain on display in your bathroom.

13. Lovely to See You 💖

If this mirror doesn't show you who your true love is...

Happy Valentine's Day! 💝

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