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Salem & Binx Present... Episode 7: "Midsommar"

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

When a family tragedy changes Dani's life, she embarks with her boyfriend Christian and his friends on a journey to Sweden for an authentic Midsommar festival. Despite their innocent-looking surroundings, our American tourists find themselves struggling to understand the customs of the village they are visiting - and soon, struggle to survive. Join "The Neenster" and an all-new guest host "Lily Munster" on this episode of Salem & Binx Present... as they say farewell to summer by honoring the season's peak celebration, and now hit film: Midsommar.

Episode 7: Midsommar

Listen Now:

Show Images: A few stills from the film...

1) Title Still, 2) The Opening Mural (What's To Come), 3) The Boys vs. The Girl, 4) "Family" 5) Sparkless!, 6) Opposites Occur, 7) Harga Welcomes You, 8) Maya, 9) Pube Pie?, 10) Murals in the Bunker, 11) Fire Ladies, 12) Runes for Days! 13) No More Days, 14) Shroom Tea, 15) Dance Off, 16) Seeing the Light, 17) Crying Together, 18) Scarecrow Cabin, 19) May Queen Rules, 20) Poster 1, 21) Poster 2

Show Notes:

  • Pre-Order Today! - from Amazon

  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - from Amazon by Bobby Krlic

  • "Midsommar: The Movie's Twisted Ending, Explained" - from Vox by Allison Wilkinson

  • "The Meaning of the Midsommar Murals According to the Artists Who Created The Harga Commune" - from Bustle by Danial Burgos

  • Midsommar Cinematography: Creating Bright Technicolor Tairy Tale - from IndieWire by Chris O'Falt

  • 34 Things You Missed in Midsommar - from YouTube by CZsWorld

  • The Ending of Midsommar, Explained - from YouTube by Looper

  • Watch This Before You Watch Midsommar - from YouTube by Looper

Theatrical Trailer:

"Life is like the seasons..." - Clip:

Happy Midsommar (Promo Trailer):

Bear in a Cage:

Avery Parrish Thieves - by Nina Sharifi & Lily Young (2012):

Salem & Binx Present... Promotional Images:

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Midsommar Drinking Game 🥂
  • Every time someone realizes they're TRIPPING - take a sip 🍺

  • Every time Dani sees her dead family members - take a sip 🍺

  • Every time someone who has disappeared is rediscovered - take a sip 🍺

  • When Christian finds a "treat" in his pie - take a shot 🥃

  • For the duration of the "mating" scene - drink! 🍻

  • When Christian burns in the cabin - finish your drink! 🥂

We hope you enjoyed our episode on Midsommar 🐻💐👸🏼

"Sacrifice is essential in any relationship."

See ya summer! 🌻☀️💐🌲
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