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Salem & Binx Present... Episode 11: "The Santa Clause"

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Cynic and skeptic Scott Calvin doesn't usually dress up as Santa Claus, but when he does he's forced to take on the role for real! After putting on the real Santa's iconic red suit, he's found himself under the ultimate magic-binding clause; one that officially makes him "the big guy." Is it harder to become Santa than it is to believe in him again? Can Scott believe in himself, for that matter? Join "The Neenster" and co-host "Bri Joon" on this festive Christmas episode of Salem & Binx Present... as they discuss cherished holiday favorite The Santa Clause...

Episode 11: The Santa Clause

Listen Now:

Show Images: A few stills from the film...

1) Title Still, 2) Laura and Scott, 3) Scott and Santa, 4) The Clause, 5) The North Pole, 6) The Workshop, 7) Judy's Hot Chocolate, 8) Laura and Neil, 9) Stung by a Bee, 10) The List, 11) Is that an elf in line to meet Santa? 12) Neal's Analysis, 13) Sinterklaas, 14) Elves With Attitude, 15) Santa's Sleigh, 16) Mystery Date, 17) Weenie Whistle, 18) And to all a good night... 19) Original Poster, 20) VHS Cover & Back of Box

Show Notes:

Pair With:


Judy's Hot Chocolate: “Not too hot, extra chocolate, shaken not stirred...” - Recipe by Fictionally Delicious


Chocolate Chip Cookies "Worthy of Santa's compact-disc player..." - Recipe by Dear Crissy

Theatrical Trailer:

The Santa Clause: Behind the Scenes - CNN

"The Bells of Christmas" by Loreena McKennitt:

Salem & Binx Present... Promotional Images:

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The Santa Clause Drinking Game 🥂
  • Every time you see an elf outside the North Pole - take a sip 🍺

  • Every time Neil's rocking another wild sweater - take a sip 🍺

  • Any time Laura yells Scott, but she's "into it" - take a shot 🥃

  • For the duration of when they rock-n'-roll-walk(?) down the hallway - drink! 🍻

  • When Scott sarcastically describes what he and Charlie "did" on Christmas Eve - take a shot 🥃

  • Any time Scott has a drastic physical change - take a sip 🍺

  • For each time Scott mistakes Bernard's name - take a sip 🍺

  • When Neil gets an Oscar Meyer Weenie Whistle and Laura gets a Mystery Date Game - finish your drink! 🥂

We hope you enjoyed our episode on The Santa Clause 🎁🎅🏻📜

"Scott Calvin must become Santa. No if's or and's... Just one big butt."

"Merry Christmas!"🎄🎅🏻❄️

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