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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas That Redefine Chic

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Ok, dramatic title aside, these really are some chic looking Easter eggs...

"Whether you prefer store-bought dyes or going au naturale, the tradition of coloring eggs has taken on many forms within the past few years. With ideas on everything from using crayons to using confetti, egg decorating has reached a whole new level of EXTRA, and even some levels of chic!"

1. Marbled Indigo Eggs by Alice & Lois

"Although the marbling technique can get messy, the end result is beautiful..."

If these don't say chic, I don't know what does!

2. Nature Chic Easter Eggs by A Daily Something

"Nothing says SPRING more than a little bowl of brown eggs and some fresh miniature flowers..."

Perfectly simple and stunning, this idea is a great go-to, especially if you're out of dye.

3. Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs by Studio DIY

"... What better a way to start Easter off than with confetti dipped Easter eggs!?"

Simple, yet they sure make a statement!

4. Chalkboard Eggs by We Are Scout

"Draw a picture or write a message..."

Also consider chalk pencils, usually available at crafts stores, their fine points are great for writing on small eggs...

5. Marbled & Bronzed Eggs by Tera Janelle

"... At the risk of sounding crazy, I might just say these Easter Eggs land the pretty tall accomplishment of being entirely SOPHISTICATED!"

Sophisticated indeed! These beauties have a touch of metallic glam, subtle marbling, and an overall chic natural look.

6. Gold Animal Easter Eggs by Flax & Twine

"The design is so clean and simple, yet whimsical and happy making..."

Again, no dye needed here - unless you'd like! Just little gold-painted miniatures atop fresh eggs.

7. Modern Easter Eggs by Lily Ardor

"While using food coloring and markers is fun we decided to give this easter a modern twist..."

From metallic to patterned, these egg styles compliment each other very well...

8. Chinoiserie Easter Eggs by Stone Gable

"... Upscale and different and will add that WOW factor to any spring decor..."

Perfect for that blue willow collector!

9. Easter Egg Piñatas by A Subtle Revelry

"... Part gorgeous design, and part absolute fun..."

Too cute not to hang up around your tablescape for Easter!

10. Robin's Eggs by Honestly Yum

"Only Mother Nature can produce a blue that spectacular..."

It's true! Good thing this tutorial goes in depth on how to recreate THAT blue...

11. Sprinkle Easter Egg by Studio DIY

"These sprinkle Easter eggs are quite delicate but man are they pretty! Now make your own. You know you want to..."

Can't resist! Must Try!

12. Plant Imprint - Natural Dyed Eggs by Big Sis Lil Sis

"This was a little time consuming, but it was one of those projects that was so much fun because the end result is somewhat of a surprise..."

Combine the ingenuity of natural dying along with plant imprinting, and you've got some beautiful, nature-inspired Easter eggs...

13. Confetti Easter Eggs - With Color by Oh Joy!

"They're so easy and so fun to make, and you only need a few things..."

Fun, easy, cute!

14. Easter Eggs in Party Hats by Flax & Twine

"... Smitten with these guys!"

These party eggs will be the hit of any Easter celebration!

15. Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs by Flax & Twine

"There is such immediate joy and sweetness in experiencing a small idea’s journey into something real..."

Adorning the same concept as above, Flax & Twine gives us more sweet faces and headwear I, for one, cannot resist!

16. Natural Dyed Eggs by Country Living

"It's easy, fun, and affordable!"

Avoid the bright, neon-level, artificial dyes and mix it up with nature's array of gorgeous colors!

17. Gingham Eggs by Better Homes & Gardens

"Ready for your Easter egg hunt, or ready for your Easter dinner table..."

The pattern you know and love couldn't look more festive!

18. Silk Tie Dyed Eggs by Better Homes & Gardens

"You won't believe how easy it is to transfer patterns onto these silk tie dyed eggs..."

Living for this easy idea! Not only is it easy, but it's so stylish.


Happy Easter! 🐣💐🐰🥕

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